Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo series has evolved into much more than a racing simulator for automakers who use the Vision GT concepts to showcase the wildest dreams of their designers. The new Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo does exactly that, incorporating the latest version of the Athletic Elegance styling language without the limitations of a production vehicle.

The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision GT is an exotic hypercar with extreme proportions that wouldn’t look out of place at Pebble Beach. While some Vision GT concepts were limited in the digital world, Genesis built a full-scale prototype, formally unveiling it today at the GT World Series Finals in Barcelona.

John Krsteski, Senior Chief Designer at Genesis, said: “Our goal was to create a timeless design rooted in the essence of motorsport. We have an incredibly diverse global design team that are car and racing enthusiasts. The designers relished the opportunity to create a race car that featured Genesis design elements as well as technical performance attributes. It has become a catalyst of inspiration for our other programs.”

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Players of the Gran Turismo 7 will be able to drive the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision GT Concept through their screens starting in January 2024.